Monday, December 17, 2007

INTERNETS! OH INTERNETS, how I've missed you!

I'm tongue-kissing the cable guy right now. I might blow him later, but that'll be for my own entertainment, since I HAVE MY SWEET INTERNETS BACK!

I thought I was going to die. I felt so out of the loop and cut off from was terrible. It was like I was living in the middle ages or something. Having no internet was WAY WORSE than having no electricity, I'm not even joking.

So, what've you been up to the last week? All the deets, if you please.
And BIG THANKS to all of you who sent concerned emails & left comments--I always liked you guys the best anyways. The rest of you can suck it. :)
And giant thanks to The F-Man for stepping into the breach for me. XOXOXO

I'm cranky, crabby, crampy, rude, and nasty (oh sure, like you didn't already know that!)...but luckily I was able to vent most of it out on Cox Cable, as I made my FIFTH and FINAL call today, chewing my way through three layers until I got to a boss-guy of some sort. I guess I scared them, so GO ME.

I think I've got the Internet DTs.

So, this ice storm we had? It was like ICE FROM HELL, even though that doesn't make any sense, since one would assume that ice from hell would, in fact, be water or maybe even just steam.
It was awful and a little scary--all through the first two nights I would be awakened every few minutes with gunshot-cracks of falling branches. I've never seen the like.
I have about a dozen trees in my front yard, and most all of them are broken. My backyard is littered with debris, and did you SEE that picture up there? That's my house in the background, and my new view out the the kitchen window.

Wanna see some more?

No idea what kind of bush this is, but it's right next to my front porch & blooms out cheery red berries every year. They always look so bright and I want to eat them...but I'm pretty sure they're probably poisonous. Maybe I'll eat them anyways.

Doesn't that one twig look like it has a face on the end? Creepy. Click it for the biggie-size, and you can really see the face.

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Evidently the branches were trying for a little tramp(oline) action.

We have a circle driveway that runs around behind my house, and here's what it looks like now. Complete with low-hangin' power lines, so that the circle is now halved.

Want to see the rest of the destruction around my house? Check it out. Click 'em to biggen 'em.

I did figure out one thing when I was trying to skim through bloglines after a week of cold-turkey: I don't really like some of the people I used to like. They've become all weird & excessively vain and uppity and frankly, I just don't have time for that nonsense any more. It only makes me have anxiety.
No, I do not mean a single one of you who showed your concern--thank you very much for caring and for being true friends.

In turning over my 2008 leaf, I'll be pulling out the weeds as well.
Thanks you guys, for all the lovin'. Back atcha, times three.
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