Monday, November 05, 2007

Strike this.

I could be wrong here--after all, I don't really know how guilds and unions work and what's more, I could give a crap.

Seems to me that if you work for an organization that provides you with a measure of job security, wages above that of the national average AND excellent bennies (because, you know, SOME of us don't even HAVE benefits of any sort with our jobs), you should shut your fucking pie-holes and do your jobs.

Srsly, it's not like your company asked you to murder somebody. Well, at least if they did it's only on paper in a script.
What are the writers striking for, again? Damned if I can remember.
OH YEAH, that's right! A bigger slice of the pie. More of the CHA-CHING from DVD sales/rentals/whatever.
Greedy bastards.

I think when people like that go on strike, they should be forced to take jobs working minimum wage with NO benefits and NO job security AND SEE HOW THEY LIKE THAT.

Is all I'm saying.
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