Thursday, November 08, 2007

A conversation with my mother

We were briefly discussing the writer's strike, and mom wondered aloud how long it was likely to go on.

ME: "Well, the strike in the 80s lasted 22 weeks, from what I hear."

MOM: "What strike in the 80s? There was a strike in the 80s?"

ME: "Don't you remember?"

MOM: "No, do you?"

ME:: "No. I was working and had games & drama & debate & stuff."

MOM: "I never even knew there was a strike before. But between your ball games, your sister's tournaments and your brother's ball games, we were never home until time for you all to go to bed."

ME: "I guess we didn't miss much."

MOM: "Nope, we didn't miss a thing."

It was good to be reminded that there are other, more important things in life than TV.
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