Sunday, October 14, 2007

Word Picture Sunday

In the interest of reviving the dead...

If you've been coming here for a very long time, you may remember a picture game I used to play. It was a fun game and I've decided to zombify it; that is, bring it back to life.

The rules are quite simple:
1. Pick a name from your blogroll
2. Think of a single word that you feel describes that person
3. Open an IMAGE SEARCH engine, type in the word, and find the picture that fits.
4. Post the blog, word, and picture.

See how easy? Many of our blogrolls have lots of the same names, so I'll be very interested to see what words YOU come up with for those people.

I plan to start at the beginning and go straight on to the end. And maybe start over.

So, wanna play with me?

Beginning at the beginning...

My pal Mike from A Day In The Life Of A Single Father.


Who'll be your first pick? I can't wait to see it!

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