Monday, October 01, 2007


As many of you know, each month Kim and Lindsay host the Original Perfect Post Awards.

The Original Perfect Post Awards – Sept ‘07

Over the last few months I've not had much time for blogreading--and I especially haven't had time to search out any new-to-me blogs. But late last night (on a commercial during the original Star Trek) I followed a link and found this post:

Blogging For A[buse] Cause on Trenting Dot Com.

This particular post hit me where I live, since I can personally relate to parts of one of the stories.

Sept 23rd
I forgot to get Alex's beer tonight, but he said he would forgive me if I would have sex with him I am so proud to have a husband that still feels attracted to me.

Sept 25th
I embarrassed Alex in front of the neighbors last night, he reprimanded me by giving me a little smack across the cheek, I should not have made him feel humiliated in front of company, and I really deserved it.

Oh. That hurt my heart. I've been exactly in that spot, and I know that some of you have as well. Maybe someone who is trapped in the way we used to be trapped will read it and find a hand outstretched to help them. Go read it. It's disturbing and sad and hurtful and angry-making and all too common.
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