Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tell It To Me Tuesday

I decided to play along with Janet's Tell It To Me Tuesday this week:

"What are your favorite hair band songs of all time and why?"

Having been a teenager in the 80s, I grew up lovin' the Big Hair bands and the Metal Hair Bands...my criteria for favorite is simple: Did I love it then? Do I love it now?
I'll try to cull it down to the top five, in no particular order.

1. There's No One Like You - The Scorpions. It's a ballad but not quite a ballad, and back then it perfectly described my feelings toward my boyfriend. I still love the words today..."I just wanna be loved by you..."

2. Wait - White Lion. Hearing the song today is the same as it was then: "WAIT. I never had a chance to love you." "I must know the reason why we say goodbye." Slow down & gimme another chance, okay???

3. Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi. What favorite song list of any kind would be complete without Bon Jovi? This song used to touch my almost-a-woman heart, reinforcing the belief that if you stick it out through the tough times, love could conquer all.
I've learned better since then, but I still love the song.

4. Love Bites - Def Leppard. Seriously, what better song to sing out at the top of your lungs after you've had your heart broken? These days I'd lean more toward Laura Branigan if that happens, but I've no doubt this one would make the playlist too.

5. Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue. I just love this song, then and now. It's got a good sound, different from what I was used to from Motley Crue...there's no particular reason, I just dig it.

I have a zillion more favorites, but some of 'em just didn't QUITE qualify as "hair bands" to me--more like pop rock...like Loverboy, REO Speedwagon, etc etc.

Now, your turn. Drop me a comment letting me know you played, then run over to Janet's and do the same.

And PS: Seriously, stop stealing my stuff. At least ASK first. I REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME.
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