Friday, October 19, 2007

MotherTalk Review - The Reincarnationist

I have to start with this: strictly speaking, I don't believe in reincarnation. I am, however, open-minded enough to allow that it is not outside the realm of possibility. It's like I tell my non-believing friends when we discuss religion, God, Jesus...I guess we'll find out which of us was right when we die.
Simple as that.
Whether you are a 'reincarnationist' yourself or not, I think you'd enjoy this book: The Reincarnationist, by MJ Rose.

Josh -- a normal guy, a photographer -- survives a severe injury and begins to have barely controlled lurches in his memory, taking him to ancient Rome during the time of the Vestal Virgins as well as 19th Century New York.
Josh discovers that, through his camera's viewfinder, some people have halos, or auras, that cannot be captured on film...he thinks that perhaps these are the old souls in the new bodies. He finds connections (past and present), questions, adventure, and considerable danger--it's quite twisty-turny and exciting!

One particular idea that I found intriguing was that children in some other countries are believed when they have "memories" of past lives, but here in the You Ess Of Aaay we treat the kids as though they're pretending, or playing with imaginary friends. Maybe they are...but...what if???

The book is, in large part, about seeking answers. It also made me stop and think about certain things, like those times when you feel a strong sense of deja vu or when you feel a current of connection between yourself and someone that you've just met--you know, when you can almost hear the 'click'. It made me wonder, just a teeny bit, if I met you in person today...would I see my past in your eyes? Our past? What would you see in mine?

Whether or not I believe, the idea of reincarnation is a very interesting subject about which to think.

The transitions between the present and the past were easy to follow, for the most part--my problem is that I get caught up in that particular time in the story, and it takes me a second to make the switch when it happens. All in all, this book was engaging and excellently written--although I must say that the ending was a bit too abrupt for my personal taste...but then I like every single thread wrapped up in a nice tidy bow and that doesn't always happen.
Just like real life.
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