Sunday, September 02, 2007

Maybe it's a tumor.

First...thanks for all the wonderfully lovely concerned emails. I heart you for hearting me.

Woke up Wednesday morning with what I suspected was the beginning of a narsty ol' migraine. Took my usual migraine fixer-upper, Excedrin Migraine.
Didn't even touch it.

The headache moved into my neck.
And shoulders.
And back.
All the way down to my lower back.
I couldn't sleep because everything hurt. I couldn't lie down, couldn't sit up.
I got sort of hungry every now and again...and that made me nauseous.
On the other hand whenever I think about actually eating, my stomach feels all tight and squinched.
AND I have NOT EVEN HAD COFFEE SINCE TUESDAY. If you know me at all then you know that coffee, for me, is the Elixir Of Life.

After two days of excruciating pain and a half a bottle of Bayer aspirin, I remembered that when I've had strep throat, it primarily affects my skull and neck.

Yes yes, Monty, go to the doctor so they can swab you (*teehee*) and give you medicine. insurance. AND no money. When you're poor, you have to prioritize and food for the kids came higher on the list. So just stop. Thanks.

ANYWAY. It was all very miserable and pathetic but now I have antibiotics and I'm feeling closer to human, finally. So whether it was strep or something else entirely, the antibiotics are kickin' it.

Although I've taken so much aspirin in the past five days that I'm afraid if I nick myself shaving, I might bleed to death.
I imagine my blood is so thin that it's pink.

Hey, wouldn't that be cool, to have pink blood? Groovy.
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