Friday, July 27, 2007

WHAT? Already?


Have you SPONSORED ME yet?
Did you know that you can sponsor me all the way THROUGH the Blogathon and beyond? You can!

Reasons you should:

It's for an excellent charity, United Cerebral Palsy!
It's tax deductible!!
You love me!
You want to support and encourage me!
You will get to hear more silly songs sung really badly!

White Girl Rap, performed by me and Missy Elliot ($500 goal)
$600 goal: Hotel California, performed by me and the Eagles
$700 goal: A showtune of some sort, performed by me and...???
$1000 goal: THREE songs, chosen by my beloved sponsors

Give until you squeal like a pig. Just like Ned Beatty. Please.

TUNE IN TONIGHT for Friday Night Live, with your host...ME! 10pm EST, 9pm Central, 7pm Pacific
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Come and play in the chat room.
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