Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today is the first big Blogathon push for publicity.

First, two things for you to look at:
2006 Big-Ass List Of Sponsors
2006 Bribe Payoff Songs, including the infamous "White Girl Rap".

In case you hadn't heard yet, my Blogathon charity is United Cerebral Palsy. My son is severely affected by CP, so I can tell you from my own experience how wonderful UCP is.
They provide equipment such as wheelchairs and communication boards, along with many other types of assistive technology.
They also help provide services such as housing, therapy, assistive technology training, early intervention programs, individual and family support, social and recreation programs, community living, state and local referrals, employment assistance and advocacy.
My family and my son's school have reaped the benefits of the UCP commitment.

You should all know, if you're regular readers here, that I am not above begging and bribery. As I frequently mention on my radio show, I'm nothing more than a trained monkey here for your entertainment.

Now, my first goalpost is $500 in pledges, for which I will sing another "White Girl Rap".

How can YOU help?

I'm ever so glad you've asked!
It's simple.
1. SPONSOR ME! It takes only a few seconds to sign up with your email address--and don't worry, you won't get all spammed out.
Pledge now, pay later! If you can afford to pledge $5, then please pledge $5. If you can afford more...well, you get the idea.
AFTER I complete the Blogathon, you'll be sent a little email reminder. That's it. It's all on the honor system, baby. And I know you're honorable, or we wouldn't be friends, right? (you can also remain anonymous, if you like-drop me an email!)

2. YOU send your pledge $$ directly to the Charity! No middleman. No chance of misappropriated funds. You know how you have that "Donate" button on your blog, so your readers can give YOU money for...whatever? Latte? New shoes? Magazines? Here's your chance to do something really fantastic with that money.

3. GET THE WORD OUT! You love me, don't you? Yes, I thought that you did. Perhaps you could show the love by pimping me and my cause out on your blogs, because you have all those wonderful, generous readers. (and it doesn't cost you a single thing, PLUS it will earn you plenty of love and gratitude from moi)

4. PICK A CHARITY, ANY CHARITY! You don't want to sponsor me & my charity? That's A-OKAY!! There are dozens of fabulous bloggers out there raising money for other terrific charities! I'm sponsoring some of the other bloggers myself, because I believe in what we're doing. I believe that we can help. I believe that you can make a difference.

Now, to the begging:

Please please please consider sponsoring me in this great cause. Or at least consider sponsoring a blogger who's raising money for a charity that you're very interested in.
Please please please open your hearts, open your wallets, and make a difference in someone's life.
Pretty please?
With sugar on top?

AND you'll get your own nifty little spot over there on the sidebar! Where everyone will see you and say "HEY! What an incredibly generous fellow/lady!"

AND you can help yourself to one of these:

Srsly, does it get any better than that? I think not.

C'mon, you don't want to get shown up by last year's sponsors, do you?? :)

I love you.
Pass it on.
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