Saturday, July 28, 2007

Not a hundred. Not even close.

Okie doke, I've never done of those "100 Things About Me", because, well, there aren't 100 interesting things about me, and plus I'm sure you'd be bored half to death before you got into double digits.

I have, however, posted a half-dozen things about myself from time to time, so I'll just put 'em all right here for you & see how many I come up with.

1. I am terribly shy.
2. I work hard to overcome that.
3. I don't care much for people in general...except for you, of course.
4. I am frequently weepy and emotional, even when I don't have PMS.
5. I am naive and cynical at the same time.
6. I am pessimistically optimistic~I hope for the best, expect the worst, and am always surprised at the outcome.
7. I hold entire conversations with myself, OUT LOUD. Sometimes in the mirror.
8. I sometimes shout "SPOOOOOOOOON!" or "CATFISH!" for no apparent reason. (actually they're inside jokes, but I use them even when no-one is around to get it)
9. I like to belch REAAAAALY long & loud, Booger style. Sometimes I can get halfway through the alphabet.
10 I am a packrat. I save stuff. LOTS of stuff. Hey, I might need it some day.
11 I am weird about eating chicken. I must pick it apart and make sure there is absolutely no pink anywhere.
12 1. I sleep with the covers pulled over my head, with only a small circular opening for my face. Ever since Nancy got that moth in her ear that time, I'm struck by a paranoid fear that a spider will crawl in my ear whilst I'm asleep.
13. I frequently have to make a conscious effort to relax my jaws, as I tend to clench them and grit my teeth.
14. I have yet to learn how to curb my tongue and control my temper.
15. I am so not one o' those nurturing types.
16. People who do absolutely nothing productive with their lives (including work) but constantly brag about how much better they could do something drive me into an absolute frenzy. **ed. note: Being a SAHM is definitely work, so don't think that I'm including you in that statement)
17. I like to eat celery stuffed with peanut butter.
18. I do not like the taste of beer.
19 I like to say the word "quash". Perhaps too frequently.
20 I know what squalene is.
21 Milk, on the Sell By date, might as well be sour because I'm throwing it out. Okay, I'm lying. I tend to throw it out a couple of days (or so) early.
22 After I brush my teeth and rinse, I make a growly noise into the towel when I'm drying my mouth.

Wow, only 22, and I bored myself.
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