Monday, July 02, 2007

Mother Talk Blog Tour: 24-Hour Pharmacy

Is it wrong that my first thought upon receiving this was "Yay, FREE BOOK!"?
For the Mother Talk Blog Tour, I signed up to read The 24-Hour Pharmacist by Suzy Cohen, R.Ph. I was a little intimidated at first...but Dr. Suzy has made this easy to read, easy to understand, and even entertaining.

It's not intended to replace visits to your doctor--there are plenty of warnings about that very thing. But one of the nicest things is that it helps you identify individual symptoms and what you can do about them--withOUT just adding another prescription drug.

Just adjusting your diet the smallest bit and different vitamins can make a big difference in reducing fatigue and stress, mood swings, and just making you healthier all around.

I had NO idea that apple-cider vinegar was good for so many things...including dandruff. And snoring.
Don't like veggies? Did you know you can drink your greens?
Learn how easy it is to treat:

Help soothe your anxieties, lessen your hot flashes, and relax. Boost your mood, improve your circulation, rev your sex drive, and a thousand other tips to improve your quality of life.

The first chapter grabbed me right away, because I thought "That's me! And THAT'S me! And THAT'S me too!"
I wrote notes. I dog-eared pages. I even...highlighted. Yes, yes I did.
I'm a bit of a skeptic, so naturally I had to get some vitamins & give 'em a try.
Figured I'd start slow with Fish Oil & a Super B-Complex.

Surprisingly (to me, anyway), I'm feeling more energetic in the mornings--and getting up a little earlier too--instead of my usual lethargy, even after just a few days. Now, if I could just remember what herbs and foods may help improve my memory...

I love Suzy Cohen and the 24-Hour Pharmacist. One of the other great things is that she included information on where you'd most likely find certain things-health food stores, drugstores-and even more importantly, the cost range.

You should buy two copies of this for you, one for the friend or relative with the menopause. Or one for you and one for the friend or relative who's tired and cranky all the time. Or one for anyone in your life that you want to help be healthier.

Plenty of information to keep you healthy, right at your fingertips.
Now, I'm off to try something for these mood swings...
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