Saturday, July 28, 2007


Almost everyone I know has called me today. Some family members wanted to drop by too.


Has everyone forgotten I'm a hermit? And anti-social?

Now my son is making me a little nuts--WHY IS IT NOT BEDTIME FOR THE KIDS YET??

Speaking of my son...he's got CP, which is why I've chosen United Cerebral Palsy as my charity for this year's Blogathon

Yep, this is for him, and all the other people who are affected by CP. Not just the people who have cerebral palsy, but the families as well.

UCP helps provide housing, assistive technology and equipment, and so much more! They help people with CP find jobs and learn to live more independently--do I need to even mention how important it is for a person-ANY person-to be able to live independently? To be self-reliant?

Won't you please sponsor me, help me raise money for UCP?
That'd be awesome. Thanks very, very much.
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