Saturday, July 07, 2007

Going down in flames

I jumped the line in a funeral procession.
I'm pretty sure I'll be going to hell for that.

In my defense, it was a total accident. See, I was on the highway and I was in the far right lane, and the traffic was moving pretty slowly. I moved to the middle lane to get around the traffic (and MAN it was a looooooooong line), and then BOOM! there was my exit & I had to get over, so I cut in front of a slow moving old guy.
It was a gray sort of day, so I didn't think twice over the fact that he had his headlights on.

Then I got to the exit, and everyone was going right through the red light...with the aid of two motorcycle cops.


So I did what anyone would do...I stayed in the procession to avoid drawing attention to myself, right up until I was near my work and I found a side street down which I made a quick (and hopefully unobtrusive) turn.

I'm such an asshole.

and now, a big mess of crap:

I'd like to have a man who would dance with me in the living room.

And a man who can't get me out of his mind.

Naturally, I'd prefer it if they happened to be the same man, but at this stage of the game I can't be too picky.

I keep typing the word as 'blogSOT' today.
I think that means I need a drink.

My Grandma: "I'm so tired, I feel half-dead. I'm not worth anything."
ME: "I wouldn't say you're not worth anything. You've got big life insurance policies, right?"

I have no idea why my grandma doesn't like me.

I was chatting with my friend the other night and I wondered why all those people who have 'near-death' experiences talk about seeing the white light or their loved ones who've already died...evidently none of them have ever seen demons nor felt the heat of hellfire.
Is it because those guys don't get to come back from the 'near death'?
Or is it that they're too scared to say anything?
I was just wondering.

We have so many words in the English language...why do revolting and revolting have such different meanings?

Why am I even thinking about that?

Well, this was pretty cool:

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And this:
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What, that's not enough crap?
That is all.
Have a day.
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