Friday, March 30, 2007

Despite the weather... worst nightmare the Spring Fling must go on!

Yes, yes, the day I've been dreading is here. No matter that there are tornado watches and warnings, with circulations and sirens and the usual OkieLand spring stuff, the date night is here. Bleh.

There is an assload of pictures coming up. I couldn't help myself.

Now, I know all your kids are incredibly beautiful, but come on.
Looka this:


And then take a gander at THIS supermodel(please ignore what I couldn't crop out of her messy room):


Have you EVER in your life seen a cuter face than this???


She's just learned that boys are frequently late (but we gave him a break due to the weather and the fact that his mom was driving)(note the big ass cup from The Crack House *Sonic* on the floor--right now I'm wishing it was brim-full of booze):


And her cute little painted toesies in the shoes that she picked out:


And striking another pose:


And finally, with The Boy (ick)(**note the addition of the corsage!)(dude needs to get his hands off my daughter)(but I forgot to have the shotgun out)


Now if you'll all excuse me, I have to go and cry for a little while.
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