Friday, January 05, 2007

You guys are pretty smart.

Random movie quote: "Beef jerky time."

Thanks to all you smarty-pants smart folks who commented yesterday and answered my questions.
I do want to make clear, and I hope you understand, that there was nothing mocking, skeptical or negative meant in what I said.

That number, ONE in ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX, keeps circling round and round in my brain, and makes my heart ache for those children, and their families.
And your children, and your families.

I had no idea the scope--or as Brian put it, the CONTINUUM--of autism.
The reason I asked the questions is because I was curious, and I wanted to hear from you, who live it, experience it, rather than reading statistics.

So I appreciate the time and the thought you gave to help me understand.

And believe me, I know that ADHD/ADD are also serious conditions, but I also know that it has been used as a convenient label. My daughter, due to excessive bleeding in her head at birth, has some parts of her brain that...don't function exactly as they should. She's smart, but a little backward in some ways.
She can read for hours, she can concentrate on tasks for very long periods of time, she's patient (mostly)...but she's easily frustrated in school, especially trying to figure out logic problems, word problems, and math in any form.
When she gets stuck, she simply chooses to daydream or look out the window or around the room instead of doing the work.
For that reason, her teachers,, have implied that she's ADD.
She's not.
Even the doctors agree, but we have to keep proving it to the teachers in her school.
She sometimes mutters to herself under her breath (as do I, in fact), and she used to make noises in class when she was a bit younger.
Then her teachers tried to insist that she had Tourette's Syndrome.
She doesn't.
Even the doctors agree.

That's why I was wondering.
So thanks. :)
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