Thursday, December 14, 2006

Requiem For A Blog (Or Two)

Friends, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of THESE TWO blogs.
Their owners, due to some strange malady, perhaps a brain tumor or two, have elected to close up shop.
Their blogs are no more.
They have ceased to be.

Two of the most gifted people I've ever been privileged to "know"...two people who know how to string the words together so well as to make you feel the stories they can touch them, taste them.
Brando's stories were sometimes surreal, yet perfectly understandable. He has the gift of being able to draw you in, make you empathize, feeling layers of emotion. Just self-deprecating enough to bring gentle humor and a sense of poignancy to the writing, without ever sounding like a martyr or a victim.

Brandon, I'm going to miss you something awful.

Then there's Kat. Lordy, I'm going to miss that girl. She's incredibly talented--sharing bits of her life interspersed with the most wonderful stories that frequently brought tears to my eyes...and always, always left me wondering if the stories were true or a creation only of her mind.
It's part of the mystery of Kat, and the blogosphere is going to be a less wonderful place without I Hate Kit Kats.

If you are unfamiliar with either of those blogs, I can only say that it is surely to your detriment.

Now, in order to properly mourn them, we must drink a lot of booze, send drunken, nonsensical emails to people whether we know them or not, and post gloriously brilliant things.

I'm up for everything except perhaps the last.

I'm going to miss you two.
And I'm dedicating some music to you on this week's radio show. You'll like it.
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