Friday, December 08, 2006

Me Thinks.

As tempting as it (sometimes) is, I never, ever read the end of the book first.
It just seems sort of like...cheating.
Mostly it seems totally disrespectful to the author who labored to craft the story for you (and by YOU I mean ME).
It's the getting there that's the fun part.
If you (and by YOU I mean YOU) authored a book, wouldn't you want someone to be so absorbed in your words that they just kept reading so they could get to the end?
I would.
Maybe Thumper could weigh in here, as a published author of several books (that I do love dearly!).

It really irritates me when people call this
And I mentally roll my eyes and wonder why I'm talking to that person at all.
Do people say that in your state, or is it just Okies?

Sometimes I grossly overestimate my own appeal.

I live on a fairly busy street, and when my daughter comes home from school I go to the end of the driveway to "help" her across the street (because I don't trust the dumbass drivers who sometimes run the red light because they're utter MORONS)...and she is on her side and I'm on my side and the traffic is rushing between us...and the song "Running Bear" always plays an endless loop in my head.

I typed my URL as twice today.
Do you think I'm subliminally telling myself I need more fiber in my diet?

I wonder why people so often use discrete when they clearly mean discreet.
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