Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stop Me If You've Heard This One

but first...
What do you say to someone...when there's really nothing left to say?
Very sad.

I really need to learn to temper my temper.

One of my most serious character flaws (of which there are many) is that I have so much trouble with Letting It Go.

I used the word "whatevs" in conversation yesterday.
I'm so ashamed.

I had a bizarre dream last night...and I feel as though I've had it before. I also feel as though I've told you about it before...maybe I did. Or maybe I just dreamed that I did.


So in the dream THIS GUY and THIS GUY (both VIEBs-Very Important Ex Boyfriends with whom I had long term relationships)(please excuse the pic of THIS GUY #2, we didn't part on good terms)(obviously) were fighting over juggling flaming bowling pin thingies.
I was standing between them.
They weren't fighting over who got to have me...they were fighting over who had to take me.
Talk about a downer.

and furthermore...

I had another bizarre dream after (re)falling asleep...
I was in a formal dress with some other people, and apparently my date was a younger Christopher Walken...
we were in this strange place, Willy Wonka-ish, with huge contraptions and cogs and moving lifts that you had to use to get around with.
Like, at one point right before I (re)woke up, we (Chris and I) stepped on this platform thingy that moved up, up up...
He was trying to comfort me, but we were in some sort of (mild?) danger or something and I was scared.
...anyway, the lift went up and we had to grab onto these handholds protruding from a giant cog-type wheel that was going around and we had to HANG ON because there was nothing below our feet, and I had a (his?) jacket draped over one arm and I was clutching something tightly in one hand that I COULD NOT I was having trouble hanging on. I was actually starting to slip and Chris made a grab to help me when I (re)woke up.
Very weird.

But what does it all mean?!?

Maybe it means I just need to get laid.

OH and in case you wanted to listen...
here's last Sunday's LOOOOOOOOOVE show. Scroll down to Monty's Show #4.
It's in two parts for right now, so make sure you get part 1 first, mmkay?

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