Sunday, October 08, 2006

About A Girl, and a reminder.

but first...A Shameful Confession:
Sometimes when I have a really bad nightmare-you know, the kind where you wake up with your heart racing and you look around wildly, disoriented--I go back to sleep...
...with the lamp on.

When my daughter read the Little House on the Prairie series of books, she started calling me Ma.
Of course, when I was young and I read Little Women, I started calling my mom "Marmee".
And after I read "Mommie Dearest"...well, I started calling my mom "Mommie Dearest". I still do sometimes. Then she threatens me with Bon Ami.

ANYWAY. Back to the point.

We've finally moved past the "Ma" phase.

Now she calls me "Mum".
Evidently I'm raising a Brit.

Yesterday afternoon I told my daughter that we could have fast food for lunch (I was working and...well...too lazy to cook), as long as it was something inexpensive.

SHE: Is Mazzio's expensive?
ME: Oh yes, WAY too much money.
SHE: How about Long John Silver's?
ME: Well, that's pretty expensive too. Try again.
SHE: How about we go see what Grandma's got? 'Cause that's priceless.
ME *giggle*
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