Saturday, September 02, 2006


I'm always, always shocked at the sound of my voice when I hear it on the podcast.
It is so annoying and...and nasally. And a little whiny, if you ask me.

See, in my head, my voice is

Apparently in reality "husky" only applies to my thighs and ass.

It is time once again to cast your votes (ONLY OKIES are ELIGIBLE TO VOTE, sorry!):

And thank you, to whomever nominated me. Thank you very much.

If you will visit the other nominees, you will see that I am completely sincere when I say it is an honor to be named alongside them.

Thanks, lovies. I mean that.
Now go vote. And you don't even have to vote for me.

OH and PS: I opened this page in IE and none of the pictures show up. Anyone else having this problem, or should I just take a page from Miss Cellania's book and shoot my computer?
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