Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Under the Arc

Today's Lesson...

Last evening as I drove home through a spate of brief (but cooling) rainshowers with the dark clouds ahead and the sun at my back...I learned that I am not yet too old to look for the end of the rainbow.

So this commercial comes on the radio...
It's not verbatim, but it's relatively close. Work with me, people.

SHE: "Honey, we should go to the beach!"

HE: "Okay! Let's walk."

SHE: "Um...we live in Kansas."

HE: "Have you seen the price of gas lately?????"

SHE: "Have you seen the price of Rental Cars?? At Priceline, we can rent a car for as little as $14 per day! *blah blah blah blah pimp the priceline blah blah blah."

HE: "So we can buy gas with the money we'll save on the rental!"

This doesn't make sense to me. Yes, I know it is a commercial.
But still.

So, you've got to buy the gas (which you'd have done anyway for your own vehicle, yes?) PLUS the cost of the rental car.

Now, how exactly is that saving money?

Because I'm guessing that if you can afford a rental car and a trip to the beach, your personal car is most likely pretty decent.

And even more importantly...

why the hell am I even thinking about this????

My kids start school on TUESDAY.
That can't possibly be right.
But it is.

Where did summer go?? Does anyone know?
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