Monday, July 24, 2006

What? No nagging? No begging?

I'll give you a break today.
You're smart, you know what to do, yes?
But I WILL say that you should go and offer sympathy to congratulate IVY, the first Customized Jingle winner.
Boy, ain't she lucky?? Hells yeah.

Blogathon Songs


Sometimes it's a comfort...
The easiness,
familiarity of ago.
He knows...
my favorite pizza toppings
that one spot on my neck
my favorite drink
the texture of my hair, rubbed between finger and thumb.
I know...
his brand of cigarettes
how he likes his arm scratched, tickled
what makes him laugh
the scent of skin, imprinted, never forgotten.
We know...
how to fit exactly right, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
which way to spoon
how to communicate without words
how to push buttons, both the good and the bad.

Sometimes it's disquieting...
The re-emergence of patterns
only slightly askew after years have passed, apart.
He still knows...
how to manipulate me
secrets, MY secrets
how to make me want, when I don't want to want.
I still know...
how to challenge him
how to distract, deflect, derail
just what that smile will do to him.
We still know...
How to drive each other to anger
Our methods of argument, never changing
How to push buttons, both the good and the bad.
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