Sunday, July 30, 2006

Some crap.

Did you know that a bite of popcorn with a bite of Hershey bar is quite delicious and lovely?
Now you do.

And another re-run, for your...pleasure?

True Confessions or "Things You Now Know About Me That You Wish You Didn't"

1. I have been known to put the ice tray back in the freezer with one single ice cube in it.

2. When someone has called me to say, "Hey, we're about 10 minutes from your house, mind if we stop by?", I have occasionally played the Hide The Stuff game...including dirty dishes, dirty clothes, unfolded laundry, toys, books, and/or shoes.

3. I have watched porn...alone.

4. I have watched porn...with a partner.

5. I will not eat out of a package of lunchmeat after it has been open more than one day.

6. I like to eat bananas spread with miracle whip and cheddar cheese.

7. I have used my (considerable) feminine wiles to manipulate men.

8. I have caused a scene in public.

9. I have cried and/or flirted to get out of a traffic ticket.

and finally...
10. I once went more than 6 months without shaving my legs.
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