Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Return Engagement...


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Wai sez:

Did I mention that I had 3 ½ days off last weekend because my boss gave me Monday, July 3, as a compensatory day for having pulled 2 all-nighters getting projects done and out the door? Me. And only me. Everyone else has to take it as a vacation day if they want that day off. I feel special. Shhh...don’t tell my coworkers. But I would have had 4 full days, if a contractor didn’t ask me today to meet at the jobsite on Saturday morning to finalize his shop drawings in order to begin building what he needs to build. I’m not complaining, mind you, because it is what it is. I’m still glad I have 3 ½ days to hide out in the woods.

I went out to dinner with my brother tonight after he got back from a business trip to San Francisco. We shared a 32 oz. porterhouse, black & blue, on a sizzling 450° platter, with roasted garlic and rosemary, at my favorite steakhouse. I’m glad we have the same rare taste. He’s still on California time, so his 11:00 P.M. drive back up to Connecticut won’t be so bad; his body still thinks it’s 8:00 P.M. Me? I’m about to pass out. But if I go to bed before 1:00 A.M., I’ll wake up too early.

I can’t really say that I’ve ever had a bad day, but I do remember the last really bad day I had. It was Easter Sunday 2004, 12:02 A.M. Here’s a picture of the aftermath:

I was the backseat passenger in the red car that used to be a Pontiac Grand Prix. See where the white truck is resting near the back window? I was right in there. This accident changed my entire outlook on life, because it could have been worse. Everyone walked away from this head-on, so God and his angels must have been working overtime that morning. I was the first one to get out of the car to make sure everyone was alright. I didn’t even realize I had a broken rib and a lacerated liver. My best friend was driving and suffered a broken collar bone where his seat belt was and a gash above his eye where his head hit the rearview mirror. His wife had bruised knees and a broken rib as well. The driver in the other car was alright, but his wife, who wasn’t wearing a seat belt suffered the most damage. But nobody died. Thank God.

I spent 24 restless hours on an examination table at the hospital. All I could worry about was how my own family would be if I had died. None of them knew where I was. And I was a hundred miles from them. My best friend’s mother (who I call “Ma” too), took care of me for a week. I will always be grateful to her. There is also nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

I took away from that day a renewed and profound love of life. Because it could be worse.

I, for one, am glad you're okay!
Wai, you definitely lead an interesting life, and I'm so glad you've shared some of it with us. Thanks for guest posting for me~~I've enjoyed having you! :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for Randi...
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