Thursday, July 13, 2006

Foreign language.

but first...
Lookit, we're getting close to FIVE.HUNDRED.DOLLARS.
If When I reach that goal, I'll rap you a song from Salt-N-Pepa.

YOU TOO could be one of the cool kids and get one of these:

if you will SPONSOR ME!

Don't want to donate to United Cerebral Palsy?
I've got a list over there on the sidebar with more bloggers and their charities to choose from.

My mind has started a whole new language, which is ever so much cooler than that 1337 $p34k crap that I'll never understand (nor do I want to understand it).

Some of us have been Micheled (honored as Site Of The Day).
That's how it appears in my mind: You've been Micheled.

The other day when I felt a rant coming on, I said I was getting all Jeckle-y.
If you've ever listened to Shitty Blog Radio on THURSDAY NIGHTS (9pm Eastern)(and if you don't~you should), you'd know what I mean.

When I need to buy make-up, that means I need to Get Birdied.

Sometimes when I need to have an in-depth conversation with God, I say, "Can we have a Megan moment?"

Thanks to my pal Frankie, whenever I encounter something so totally gross & disgusting that it defies becomes "squidlickey".

How could I use your name?
How would you use mine?

Tell me...don't make me go all WebMiztris on your ass.
(Dawn, it's totally a compliment, because you kick ass).

That is all. (Okay Jeckles, we both stole it from the same place. But it was more fun saying that you stole it from me)
Have a day.
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