Saturday, July 29, 2006

5 of 48

Holy crap. I can't keep up!!

So okay, I'm going to MeMe.
Right now.

If tomorrow you woke up with amnesia:

What do you think you’d do firstly? Say "Where the hell am I?"

Would you trust the first person who tells you, about you (like a family member)? I don't trust anyone. I'd take that person to the cops & make 'em prove it.

You found out about a bad past.. would you still want to know who you really are? Yeah, most likely, so I'd know if I had to head to a country with no extradition.

You fell in love with a foreigner from another country. would you take off with him/her and move on with your new life? Depends on if I had a family in my old life. If I was single & free, then HELLS YEAH.

Your memory’s back! would you go back to old habits, or start your life afresh? Was I rich? Was I happy? I don't think you could really start afresh, because of memories that never fade. We've all got those.

Okay, that has the distinct honor of being one of the crappiest memes ever.
No worries, I'll find some that are worse as the day goes on.
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