Saturday, July 29, 2006


Time flies when you're reading blogs. WITHOUT the benefit of bloglines. Those bitches.

Now, there is some great Internet radio out there being hosted by most excellent blogathoners, so you will be treated to 24 hours of Mango Radio.

Get A Taste Of Mango


TUNE IN HERE for the Dirtier Version.
Right now there is some song about "me so horny". Groovy.

WebKittyn is Mango Radio DJ PLUS she's blogging in her own space. If this weren't enough, she's having some contests at her place. Go say howdy.

JECKLES will be on Mango Radio as well AND blogging in the blogathon...and will doubtless treat us to a rant about something or 'nother. It's great fun, so be sure to check him out. I plan to reward him with phone sex.
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