Wednesday, June 14, 2006

SBC SURVIVOR, The Final Task. Still.

****STOP!!! A cautionary word: SEE THE COMPLETE LIST of Scavenger Hunt items before you go any further.

Okay, here we go. As usual, please ignore the incorrect dates~I'm always taking the batteries out of the camera to use in...other things.

I used to see roadkill every day...until I started looking for it. Must be out of season.

I had to call on a dear friend of mine for help~Jeckles said someone could take a picture for me if I couldn't get to the item.
She shall remain nameless *coughKRIScough*, because I don't think she would want anyone to know that this MAN'S SPEEDO is being worn by David Hasselhoff in an actual poster that she owns.
Oh, she says ignore the Bonne Bell-glossed lip prints on the crotch. *teehee*

She's younger than I am, but managed to dig this up for me~and did I say THANK YOU yet?

And Lincoln Blvd is where all the hookers hang out, so natch it's right on my way home:

Here's Bernice. Okay, I don't know if that's really her name, but she didn't seem to mind. These things are afraid of nobody:

I have kids. This one was a Gimme:

As that bitch Mango so lovingly pointed out one night on the Shitty Blogs Radio Show, I'm it's only natural that I have one of these:
(actually I DO have one of my own, but I think I broke it because it always showed that I was angry)
Mood Ring

Now, hold on to your gorge.
Evidently OkieLand is not King of have no idea how hard this next one was to find.
You have no idea how many men I accosted as they tried to enter the men's room in every store, restaurant, and yes, truck stop that I entered.
Are you kidding me, Petro and Love's Country Store??
I thought for sure one of you would come through...but no dice.
Normally I don't mind accosting strange men...but not the kind I found there. I'm pretty sure one guy thought I was a Lot Lizard; he had a hand on his chain-affixed wallet and a gleam in his eye~~so I fled.

What's a girl to do?
I'll tell you.
She takes one for the team.
She sucks it up and boldly goes where no woman should ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever go, especially in a seedy dive bar:

"Please don't eat the big white blue mint."

And my coup de grace for today, the crown jewel in my collection...
A Mango.
"The Man Behind The Fruit"

Stay tuned...we're almost at the end...
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