Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To Change The Subject...

Shitty Blogs Survivor TASK #3 is here!


The task was this: Take a picture of yourself either nekkid or wearing 40 pieces of clothing.

Simple choice.
There's only one person who reads this thing who has actually seen me naked, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Until one of my pretend boyfriends starts putting out.

Any one of them.

So I went for the 40 pieces of clothing...

First of all, who knew I had so many tank tops?
And do you have any idea how hot and sweaty FORTY pieces of clothing are?
And finally, I do not actually weigh 473 lbs, even though it appears to be so.

To itemize for Jeckles:
7 pairs of panties
3 thongs
3 bras
8 tank tops
5 tee shirts
1 sweat pants
1 pair of thermal underwear bottoms
3 shorts
2 pairs socks
1 pair of shoes
1 skirt
1 flannel shirt
1 jacket
1 belt
1 bandana (complete with Russell Crowe's sweat)
1 straw hat

and now the weather report...
Yesterday's high temp: 92º
Today's high temp: 57º
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