Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hearts, Flowers, and Manure.

**Please go visit my newest tenant, PINK PEN PAPERS! She's a most fabulous (for real) writer and I've been lurking around her site for quite some time now. She makes me giggle. I like that in a person.

Happy VD.
And naturally I mean that in the nastiest nicest possible way.

If that sounds like I'm jealous, it's only because I am.
But only a little bit.

Love is in the air....and it smells suspiciously like poo.

Is all I'm saying.

But I've got chocolate, so I'll be okay when it starts to take effect.

Did I mention that I'm still smoke free, since Christmas Day?
Go me!

My daughter wishes me to THANK YOU all individually for your lovely birthday wishes to her and her brother yesterday.
She was very happy and did a lot of 'translating' for her brother, because she's the only one, evidently, that understands what he's saying.
So, to each of you, thank you so much.
And she said thanks for being friends with her mom.

I guess I should thank you for that too. :)

I do ♥ all of you dearly, and couldn't make it through the week without you.

So let me try this one more time:

that didn't hurt too much.

Today, add this to all your comments, from me to you:

I love you. Pass it on.
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