Sunday, October 09, 2005


But first...

I love to watch Antiques Roadshow on PBS. All the cool things that people find at garage sales, estate sales, in their attics...

Sometimes the object isn't worth very much, and sometimes I expect the person to have a heart attack right there in front of the camera. I wonder if that's ever happened?

ANYWAY. I was watching it recently and a guy had brought in some rug that he'd bought years & years ago, I think he'd paid about $300 for it.

How much is it worth now? About $100,000.
For crap's sake.

If that would've been mine, I would have done a big happy dance, let out a scream, and the greed would have been plainly shining from my eyes. I most likely would be on the phone first thing, contacting someone to help me sell it at an auction.

Sometimes, most of the time, the people say, "Oh, it has sentimental value. We'll keep it in the family. I just wanted to know more about it."

I always wonder if they're secretly thinking how much more it could be worth in another 10, 20 years.

So what about you? If you were on Antiques Roadshow, and you took in some crappy lamp or ugly vase that great-grandma gave you and had been in the family for generations, or painting that you really, really loved that you bought at a garage sale for $25 and were told that it was worth thousands and thousands of dollars...

...what would win? Sentiment, or greed?
I think you know what my answer is.


In case you don't know the rules, I will give you the answer, you will put the question in the comments. Easy peasy.

The Answer Is: "Yes, because I like the way it moves."
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