Friday, October 14, 2005

Random Brain Dump. I need the room in there.

Sight(s) of the Day:

Nothing like driving down the highway behind a new Pilot and getting to watch the porn on their video screen.

Good times.

Now forgive me if the next one seems judgmental...but it is.
Right or wrong, I have firm opinions on appropriate dress. Many of you will disagree with me, but you're wrong that's okay.

I watched a little kindergarten girl walk into the school with her mother, and she was wearing...
A short black leather skirt
A black leather vest
Tall black leather boots.

Mom, wait until she turns 18 to turn her out, mmmkay?

A half-dozen (more) things about me...(what am I up to now on my 100 things? Oh, yeah. 13.)

13. I frequently have to make a conscious effort to relax my jaws, as I tend to clench them and grit my teeth.
14. I have yet to learn how to curb my tongue and control my temper.
15. I am so not one o' those nurturing types.
16. People who do absolutely nothing productive with their lives (including work) but constantly brag about how much better they could do something drive me into an absolute frenzy. **ed. note: Being a SAHM is definitely work, so don't think that I'm including you in that statement)
17. I like to eat celery stuffed with peanut butter.
18. I do not like the taste of beer.

Some of my most post-worthy thoughts happen on the drive to and from work. Of course, by the time I get to a computer, I've forgotten most of them.

Once, when I was about 13, I was wearing a pretty pink shirt and my uncle told me in astonishment, "Your cheeks are exactly the same shade as your shirt!"

I said, "You must be colorblind. My blouse is plaid."

I wonder how long it will be before the PC A-Holes decide to take the song "What Makes The Red Man Red" out of the movie Peter Pan

I do not try to be funny. Sometimes stuff comes out that way. Even when it isn't meant to.

So, I got my sister a job, working with me.
I feel an evil laugh bubbling up inside me right now.

I gave her her first ever job, at my hotel when I was a GM. We worked together just fine.
But when she and I worked with our mom & dad when we owned a restaurant, we fought quite nastily sometimes. Of course, all of us fought. Sometimes it was three of us against one, but usually we ended up divided 2-2. Well, sometimes I took the opposite side just to be spiteful.
But for the most part we get along just fine as paint.

Now once again she will be working under my 'command'.
The balance of nature is restored.
All is right with the world.

Not only do I have something to hold over her, but (more importantly) I am officially the boss of her.

Wow. That made me tingle in all my secret spots.
I think I'd like to say it again.

I am the boss of her.
I can feel the power coursing through my veins even as I type...

She starts Monday. Pray for her.
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