Monday, September 19, 2005

An Apology and an I missed you

...but first
Quote Of The Day
"All I'm saying here, folks, is dont shit on my head and expect me to believe you got me a new hat."

Unfortunately, familial obligations kept me far from the computer the WHOOOOOLE weekend, so I didn't get a chance to do any blog-reading.

I missed you guys. Seriously.

A story for you...a true one, even.

So, my daughter was reading a library book, Henry Reed something something, and evidently it had something about dowsing rods.

I was reclining in the tub (trying to find that 10 minutes of peace and quiet~~YEAH RIGHT), when my daughter comes in to tell me that she needs to find a "Y" shaped stick so that she can go find water with it.

I told her that I think that people who dowse need some sort of psychic abilities.

She asked what sidekick abilities were.

After I laughed, I explained as best I could about ESP and "sidekick" abilities.

She said, "Oh, like mine?"

Me: ???

SHE: "Like when I see stuff move that isn't s'posed to, or when I hear someone calling my name & then you say you didn't call me."

ME: *feeling a little creeped out* Oh....well.....that's odd. Okay, lets do a test. I'll think of a number, you concentrate and see if you can tell me what it is.
*thinks of number 10*

SHE: "Ten"

ME: Lucky guess. Okay, let's try again. *thinking of 55, and saying 'Five Five Fifty-five' in my head*

SHE: "Five"

Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Luckily, the third time was the charm and she said "TWENTY" and I was thinking of '100'.
I don't want a psychic kid. She's creepy enough. :) (aw, you know I'm sort of kidding)
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