Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Observations

but first...

I am the proud owner of the two cutest 10 year olds EVER.
I took pictures to prove it. :)

Soon's I get my software RE-loaded, I'll upload some pictures. Just in case you're interested.

It did create quite a feeling of community to walk into the school and speak with some other parents that I know, and to hear a chorus of "Hi, Rebecca's Mom!" and "Hello Mrs. Rebecca!" when I took my daughter to class.
And I love my son's teachers~and luckily, one of them has agreed to peform the usual buzz-cut on my son's head this week.

And now my Friday's off are MINE MINE MINE!

Observation #1
My lawn is looking lush and green. Dammit.

Observation #2
When you're running late for work, you will get behind every slow-ass person driving 45 mph on the highway.

Observation #3
Riding someone's ass, when they're already going at least 70mph in a 60mph zone is not the best way to get them to speed up. Especially if they're in the far right lane.
Go around next time.

Observation #4
When we become so concerned with protecting our children's 'delicate' psyches and 'fragile' egos...we ain't a-doin' 'em any favors.

Of course we've all heard the sides of the brouhaha regarding the abolition of honor rolls & the stupid lazy kids don't get their little feelings hurt. What about the egos and psyches of those who worked hard to earn those little distinctions? They don't matter, I guess.

I think you can guess upon which side of the issue I stand.

See, I've tried to raise my kids to have healthy egos. By 'healthy' I don't mean large...I mean well-rounded.
I am confident that if I say, "You're such a geek" or "That wasn't too smart, was it?" to my daughter, she will be neither hurt nor offended.
In fact, I'm even more confident that she will, in fact, laugh.

Sure, I'm all for the supportive, positive-reinforcement, encouraging thingie, but for crap's sake, kids were meant to be made fun of.
Some parents make sure they don't laugh at their kids (to their faces)...and never say the words 'stupid' or 'dumb' or anything negative in relation to their child. Which I'm not saying is a bad thing~I don't say "You're stupid" or anything like that...but I have been known to say "That was a dumb thing to do".

I've tried to teach my daughter not to take herself too seriously all the time...and to laugh at herself. I find this an important part of life, personally.

I, for one, do a lot of stupid things. I don't wait for someone else to point these things out~I jump right in and hold it up for ridicule.
I figure that if I'm going to make fun of everyone else (which I do, frequently), then I'd better be prepared to take the same heat.

I'm just sayin'.

But I could be wrong, and be raising a psychopathic serial killer. Maybe that's why I have no strays right now...
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