Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Monty On...

I don't look at it as gossip at church...I look at it as creating a prayer list. ;)

Going crazy

If you think cake is wonderful...you've never tasted insanity.

I'm insane...what's your excuse?


It always amuses me to hear my words come out of my daughter's mouth. Whenever I spill something on my shirt (which is a near-daily occurance), I say "Well darn, I guess I can't go to the ball."

The other day my daughter got dressed and I pointed out that she had a paint stain on the front of her shirt.
She said, "That's okay, I'm not going to the ball."


Thought Process

Most days I am incapable of linear thinking. Or even relatively logical thinking.

Some days I think that it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.


Due to the fact that AOL is comprised of a big ol' bunch of poopy heads, those of you who have my AOL email address will be receiving a message from me, with a slightly altered address. It seems that AOL does not value its loyal & true customers.
Did you know that they have a relatively new pricing plan that is almost HALF of what I've been paying for six long years?
And do you think that they will allow me to change to that?
What a crock of shit.
Apparently the low prices are reserved for new customers. Existing customers are not entitled to the lower rate.

That's the most asinine thing I've heard...this week.

So I cancelled my old account, and signed up for a brand spankin' new AOL account, at the lower rate.
It's a giant pain in my ass.
But I get two months free. :)
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