Thursday, August 25, 2005

I now present to you...

...a story in two parts.

"How FTS and I met and fell in love"
Or alternately titled
"There are no lengths to which I will not go for my blog-friends"


(If one of you happens to be standing near FTS right now, please gently pick his jaw up off the floor, checking to see that it is not broken. You may also need a crash cart to re-start his heart, as I'm sure it stopped from shock)

Well, we did get a chance to meet as he rolled through Okieland, that part is true.
I had a great time! He is an excellent conversationalist...and ladies, I have to tell you, FTS is very handsome!
Unfortunately he did not get me at my best since yesterday my boss actually made me leave work because I was so sick.
So poor FTS got a privileged (and rare) look at Monty Under The Weather. Puffy face, swollen eyes, stopped up head, and a charmingly nasal voice. And lots of sniffling and coughing. Ah well. I was not my normal scintillating self.
(Brian, back me up on this, willya huh? I'm usually fun, right?)(If you answer correctly I will pay for the movie next time)
Part II
I missed Big Brother tonight. Well worth it, though. I had a nice time with FTS and I'm glad we got to meet up, even briefly.
(but will someone please email me & let me know what happened on the show tonight??? I'm dyin' ovah heah!)

One of the lovely things about our extended blog-families is that no matter where you travel, you're very likely to find a friendly face.
If I should ever take a vacation, I trust that you all will not have suddenly moved or something... ;)
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