Sunday, July 31, 2005

That explains a lot.

but first...
I am just now watching my daughter zoom all over the house, careening around corners at top her brother's wheelchair.

For crap's sake.

I stole this from Tommy's Place...he thinks his was fairly accurate.

Mine is completely spot on.

Which File Extension are You?

I poached this from both True Jersey Girl AND J&Js Mom...

Go to Google and type in "(your name) is"
and see whatcha get.
I used my real name, but am substituting Monty here.

Monty is...considered as the founding father of electronic
communications age. (founding FATHER?)

Monty is...a major effort. (I can name a few people right off the top of my head that would totally agree)

Monty is...truly a rare bird in the music industry. (Is that a nice way of saying I suck at singing?)

Monty is...clearly comfortable playing the role of reluctant philosopher. (Reluctant? Me? NEVER!)

Monty is...a passionate baseball fan and softball player. (I wouldn't say passionate, so much)

Monty is...a true guitar monster. (Define 'monster' *MONTster?*)

Monty sincere as she is self-absorbed. (Okay, so that one's right)

Monty is...fond of saying, the magic is in the hole. (oh dear)(and YEAH it is!)

Monty is...expected to be published first in Japan, then reprinted for US
distribution. (Wow! Ima be famous!)

Monty is...a not for profit organisation promoting the importance of design for enterprise success.

Monty is...a believer in following her passion.

Monty is...such a character — there is no one quite like her. (OH yeah.)

That ought to just about cover it. :)

Now I must go attempt to take my Sunday afternoon doze. Until the "MOOOOOOOOOOOM!" alarm sounds, that is. *sigh*
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