Saturday, July 30, 2005

Okay, show of hands.

Have you ever been lost in thought whilst driving down the highway, take the wrong exit, and suddenly realize you have no idea where you are?

Have you ever been besieged by 'worst case scenario' thoughts? Or 'what ifs'?
Like..."What if I stepped in one of these holes and a nest of copperheads lived there?"
"What if my car door suddenly were to fly open and I went tumbling out onto the highway?"

Have you ever wished your abusive spouse would die in a fiery crash?

Have you ever eaten a delicious dish that was filled with yummy jalapenos, knowing full well what would be happening to your body in a few short hours?

Have you ever found yourself standing in the middle of a room, and suddenly can't remember which way you were going, and why?

Or is that just me?

Number one search term for this site this week: *drumroll*

couples sex freddy (MSN)

I don't even know anyone named Freddy.

Completely tasteless gross-out joke of the day:

So, Jeffrey Dahmer asks his mother over for lunch, and they're eating and she says, "Jeffrey, I don't like your friends".
And he says, "Well, then, just eat the vegetables".
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