Sunday, June 05, 2005

Guest Post #4!

I must say that I'm overwhelmed by the support that my readers have shown to the incredible guest bloggers.
You are all wonderful, and I thank you.
If you haven't yet, I suggest that you review all the guest posts, because each unique individual has something important to say.
And let us all thank them for sharing their lives.

Today we will be welcoming the funny and talented Cybervassals. Yet another of my favorite people! (ah, who'm I kidding, you're ALL my favorites!)
She manages to put a funny spin on the mundanities of life, and she's a terrifically talented web designer as well! You may remember that she is responsible for this most gorgeous layout here at The Daily Bitch. Fabulous, isn't she? If you don't know that for yourself already, I hope that you visit her often and find out for yourself.

Her entry today is an open letter...most of which could very easily apply to some of my own 'friends'. She said what I'd like to say, only better.
Thank you, Cybervassals, for speaking out, for all of us. I hope that the kind of people that you're speaking about, the ones that all of us know, read and learn from this.

Dear Friends Whom I No Longer Have Anything In Common With:

Yes, I'm a stay at home mom now. My priorities have changed as well as my income level, tho it's been great how you've taken that into consideration by no longer inviting me out for beers and chats. The one thing that has not changed is my desire to see you do well and get the things you want out of life. I tried to be there during your troubling time, but obviously that was not enough. That being said, there are a few things I want to get off my chest...

I think you paid waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for what is essentially a studio apartment. I don't like it, and your custom ordered Italian couch is plain.

Your vacations are boring to hear about. You may go to exotic places, but you certainly don't do exotic things.

You are shallow. I noticed the signs because I apparently was also shallow, once. I've grown up. Other things are more important.

You never respond to my emails. That's rude.

It would have been nice for you to phone and say "sorry we missed you last night. how is your daughter doing today"

My daughter is 2.5 years. You are her godparents. You've seen her (maybe) 10 times. We live 10 minutes apart.

Sending me a one line email on my birthday and then calling 4 days later is crap.

I could probably post this on my own site and know that you would never read it.

I know that I could put in a little extra effort myself, but I have other things to do including dealing with my depression. Oh! That's right. You didn't know about that.

I'm just being bitchy and depressed. Maybe I'll be over it tomorrow. But maybe not.

WELL PUT! I hope that those sort of 'friends' will take a minute to stop and think when they read this. If you are one of those people...take a minute to stop and think about selfish behaviour. And what it means to be a real friend.
Thank you, Cybervassals!
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