Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lets play catch-up

but first...
Did I mention that I love my new job?
And muahahahahahah...I'm blogging at work.
It's the best!

Intolerant much?
Why yes, yes I am.

I have a friend that pronounces her boyfriend's name "Wee-yum".
That drives me a little bit nuts.

I have another friend (yeah, I know, that makes 2 whole friends! Lucky me) who, whilst reading me a TV listing for "A Gnome named Gnorm" said this:
"A guh-nome named guh-norm. How stupid."
That drives me a little nuts too.

Along with all the people who pronounce the L in SALMON.

I'm just sayin'.

in other news..
I'm not sure how well Hot New Guy is going to work out.
I've already started the whole 'eye-roll' thing whenever we talk on the phone.

If I have one huge flaw (shut up, I know there's more than one), it's that I tend to get aggravated pretty easily.

My profile clearly states, under "What I'm Looking For"...
someone who understands what it's like to date a single parent

Hot New Guy and I went over this information. My social life is dictated by babysitters. On school nights, I'm generally unavailable.

He has his kids WED, THU, FRI, and alternating SATs.
Fabulous! I'm so glad that he spends so much time with his kids. I am.
I have my kids M,T,W,Th,F,Sat,& Sun.
I don't want company on school nights, since I put the kids to bed by 9 and am usually in ZZZZZZzLand myself by 11.

While I certainly appreciate the fact that he wants to spend time with me, and is willing to drive an hour to come see me...I can hear the frustration and irritation in his voice when I have to say "NO. Sorry."

Especially when we're in the beginning phase of what could be a potential relationship.

Maybe I'm too spinsterish. Or something.

But what really aggravates me...
well, read on.

HE: blah blah blah chitchat I had fun at the...and this lady extended a job offer, and then asked me out on a date! blah blah blah
ME: Really? Do you think you might take the job? *eyeroll*
HE: blah blah blah blah (for several minutes)...oh, and last night at this club this girl was stalking me because we used to dance together...blah blah
ME: Fun. You should've bought her a drink. *eyeroll*
HE: blah blah blah...and then I ran into this girl I used to be in a relationship with...
ME: Yeah? Cool. It's nice you're friends. *eyeroll*
HE: I didn't really want to talk with her, just said hi & gave her a hug..blah blah blah.

You see where I'm going.
If he's trying to tweak my ain't working. I'm not emotionally invested yet.

On our very first telephone conversation, I heard AAAAAAALLL about his ex wife and nearly every date and relationship he's had since the divorce.

For crap's sake.

More to come tomorrow...along with blood-boiling altercation I started my day off with. Now, I must get back to work.
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