Saturday, May 28, 2005

I smell something burning...

...and I think it's my ass.

but first...

The handcuff stories~~both the good and the bad, go with me to the grave.
Unless, of course, the price is right.
I can be bought.
But I ain't cheap. *wink*

Our Top Story
A lesson in definitions...

ped·o·phile (pĕd'ə-fīl', pē'də-)
An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.

child (chīld)
n., pl. chil·dren (chĭl'drən).
A person between birth and puberty.
An unborn infant; a fetus.
An infant; a baby.
One who is childish or immature.
A son or daughter; an offspring.

Whilst channel surfing the other day, I was "treated" to a clip from Mary Kay Letourneau's wedding.


Literally speaking, by definition of the word puberty (when someone is capable of reproduction~~sexual maturity), I guess the child she had sex with was in fact not technically a child.
But for crap's sake, not only was he her student, but he was 13 years old.
What kind of maturity was he actually capable of at that age, other than sexually?

But he was bold and masterful, according to dear ol' Mary Kay. *shudder*

And of course, she was married with children.

So very wrong on so many levels.

Now the twain are wed...and in flagrant violation of the court order she was given to never see him again.

Seems to me that if it were a male teacher with a female student, the public outcry would have demanded his head on a platter...and most probably gotten it.
Perhaps he would've been killed in prison.

A pervert by any other name (or gender) is still a twisted degenerate.

Does it seem wrong to anyone else that this sick twisted female not only gets to completely ignore a court order without repercussion, but gets good press as well~~gets her wedding televised and gets interviewed while strolling hand in hand on the beach with her young "man"?

Sort of sick-making to me.

Now, do you think she should be punished for flouting a court order (which is contemptible~along with all her other actions)...or should she just be allowed to cruise along, living her 'fairy-tale' life?
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