Saturday, May 21, 2005

the good news is...

...that most of my "SEASON FINALES" are over, and henceforth I can devote my evenings to blog-reading. :) I know that excites you no end.

In Music News...

...I had to wipe away a proud tear when I heard my 10 year old daughter belting out the lyrics to "Heartbreaker" along with Pat Benatar...
Move over, Carrie Underwood. There's a new rising star in this heah town.

...I really, really liked the song "If I was a rich girl" (or whatever the actual title is) by Gwen Stefani when I first heard it on SNL a few weeks ago...and wondered why it sounded so very familiar to me.
Last night as I was watching "Fiddler On The Roof" on PBS, I remembered why.

I still think Tevye sang it better.
But that's just me.

Now I really wish I had time to dally, but I have laundry awaiting. And then dinner at my friends' house. So tomorrow I will definitely be catching up on my blog reading.
For sure.
I mean it this time.

because I miss you guys... :(
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