Saturday, May 07, 2005


Today I will be reading excerpts from that hot new bestseller, "How Monty Got Her Groove Back".

**The producers ask that you hold all applause until the end of the session. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Standing ovations are encouraged.

but first...
Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and support. Even though (most) of us have never met in person, you people are important to me. Call me a sentimental sap, but it's true.

I have company coming for dinner tonight, so I won't have time to catch up with my reading much, but tomorrow has been mostly set aside for just that purpose. I feel so out of the loop...

Our featured presentation...
My poor neglected computer is trying to punish me for ignoring him for the last several days, but I have no doubt that I shall triumph in the end.
Go me.
Of course, the job I decided to take was naturally the one furthest from my house, that pays the least.
I'm such a rebel.
But the pros so outweighed those two little factors...
No stress, casual, fun environment.
Working for an individual, rather than a company.
Flexible hours.
Some work I can do from home if I want to.
Nice, nice, nice people...did I mention how nice they are?
I went to work for a lovely lady who, in addition to her private practice of counseling, owns an eBay business. What I get to do is photograph her products (mostly vintage clothing, which means I get to play "Dress Up Life Size Barbie" with the mannequins), crop and adjust the photos, and list them on eBay.
I discovered that I have a talent for writing descriptive copy for the listings.
Plus I get to watch TV at work. :)
There is always something to do, so the last couple of days just flew by in a wink.
AND I got paid already for the two days I worked.

and then...
Met a nice guy, smart, funny, employed...HOT.
He thinks my eyes are (and I quote) "WOW. AMAZING."
Awwwwww, shucks.
He invited me to a concert at the zoo yesterday...REO SPEEDWAGON and KANSAS.
Two of my favorites! I've seen Kansas before, when they opened for Styx, so I know they put on a good show.
Unfortunately, I did not have a babysitter, so I couldn't go.
*all together now...OOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOO* :(
But never fear, my knight in somewhat tarnished armour sold his concert tickets and spent the evening with me anyway, after I put the kids to bed.
Lovely, lovely.
(Norman darling, don't be jealous, you know you're my true love) ;)

So...what've I missed? ;)
The highlights of your lives, if you please.
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