Sunday, May 01, 2005

Aaaah, those (not so) fond memories...

but first...
Smug, smarmy people really annoy the piss right out of me.
I'm just sayin'.



Oh. My. Damn.

I'd forgotten what season this is until I heard on the news last night about 'extra patrol cars' working the streets to help stop the drinking and driving.

I can't even tell you how many groups of kids I had to kick out of the hotels I worked for, this time every year.
Dragged my ass out in the middle of the night, dragged my kids out of bed, to go to the hotel and start giving 'em the boot.
So to the irresponsible parents and your bratty, spoiled children~~Thanks so much for that. And for the business we lost, due directly to you.

Oh, I'm sure your children wouldn't have acted like that. I'm talking to the other people.

Here's a tip, free of charge: The hotel staff should not be considered your personal babysitters.
It's a freakin' business, for crap's sake. You wanna take your kids to your office & turn them loose with 15 of their best friends and some booze?
Now I can't blame all the parents...some of the kids were more enterprising and got older siblings (or friends of) to rent the rooms for them.
But for the most part, it was MOM or DAD who rented the room.
I don't know who supplied all the booze, but I have my suspicions.
You think, oh, they can have a little party after the Prom, make them feel all grown up, PLUS the added bonus of having them out of your hair for the night.

Do you want to know what really goes on at these "little parties"?

Sure you don't.
That's why you sent them to my place instead.
But being the nice person I am, I'm going to tell you anyway. I've seen it. I've talked to them. I've had to deal with your drunk and belligerent 16-17-18 year olds. I've had to wipe their faces & clean up their puke. I had to yell at them. I had to shame them for their behavior. I had to call the police when the damage was so great, and watch your kid cry about it and beg me not to tell his/her parents. I had to kick them out of the hotel at 3am.
Here are some of the things that go on, that you probably didn't even hear about.

1. There is ALWAYS, without exception, damage/destruction of the hotel room.
2. Underage drinking. Excessive underage drinking.
3. Date Rape
4. Lots of sex. Sometimes multiple partner sex. Not a pretty sight when you have to walk in on it.
5. Drugs
6. Did I mention date rape?
7. Alcohol poisoning.

Just thought I'd hit the highlights.

True story:
As many precautions as we take at the hotel to keep the 'Prom Parties' out, when the parents rent the room we usually have no idea that's what they're renting it for. One year I got lucky...a woman had rented connecting rooms (one for boys, evidently, and one for girls~~shah, right, that was gonna happen) for her son and his friends.
This particular group of kids started drinking and carrying on before they even left for the prom. They decided to get tanked up while they were getting all frou-frou'ed up.
HA HA! Victory is mine. I could nip this right in the bud, kick 'em out (NO refund, of course...but you'd be surprised how many people wanted one. Give me a frickin' break), and have one less room of rowdies to deal with.
So I marched down to their room, confiscated 4 cases of beer, 3 bottles of whiskey and 4 bottles of cheap wine...and sent them on their way.
They pitched a fit. They had permission from their parents.
Say what?
I doubt that, little buddy, is what I said to him.
I hadn't heard the last of it, he informed me.
Hey, guess what? He was right.
I had a pissed-off mama come at me with bared teeth and a bad attitude the very next morning.
Bad move, lady...I was tired from being up all night kicking the little shits out of the hotel and dealing with the cops when the other guests called them.
You've got no idea how much paperwork that creates.
Anyway, anyway...
THIS bitch gets right up in my face and says she'll have my job and where the hell did I get off kicking her son out of the room and I am the irresponsible party for putting her son on the street so that he'd have to drive after he'd been drinking so if anything had happened it was my fault, solely my fault and she would sue my ass from here to Sunday and how could I live with myself after having done such a thing and on and on and on and on.
Plus she wants a refund since her kid wasn't allowed to stay in the room.

I laughed right in her face.
I showed her the registration card and asked who's signature was on it.
(it was hers, naturally)
So she was responsible for the room and any charges incurred. She didn't stay IN the room? Not my problem. We don't do bed checks~~it ain't boarding school.
I asked where the kids got all the booze...which she was quite welcome to take with her when she left.

Unsurprisingly, she had no answer to that.
Here's a clue, sister, they didn't get it from here.

There was much bitterness and shouting (on her part). I just looked at her, shaking my head in disbelief.
She did not get either my job or a refund. :)

Don't let this be you.
I'd hate to have to give you the smackdown.
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