Thursday, April 14, 2005

Under the bright white light:

but first...
This morning my daughter said, "Mom, since you don't have a job, can you come to the school this afternoon so we can walk home together? I miss that."

Lordy, so do I. Beautiful day for a walk, innit?

and one more thing...
Isn't it lovely? My dogs finally taught my daughter how to fetch yesterday. Wow. ;)

Lately I have been surfing some new-to-me blogs, and I find myself wondering about the people behind them.
Now, I've got some questions, and I want some damn answers.

To that end I have decided to drip water ceaselessly on your foreheads in an attempt of the dreaded Chinese Water Torture...until you spill what you know.
Should that fail to get through to you, I shall employ the much worse and ever-effective Patrick Swayze method of torture...that is to say, I will repeatedly sing "I'm Henry the VIII I am..." until you beg for mercy.
With my singing (non)capabilities, it shouldn't take that long.

All clear?

I have a particular reason (or two) for asking these questions, although I am saving those for another post on another day.

I was just wondering...
1. Have you ever felt left out or gotten your feelings hurt by another blogger?
Say a person asks you and four other people the same question, which you all answer in different ways.
Then you run across a totally different blog, and that author has linked to every person's answer except yours.

2. Do you become (even slightly) emotionally involved with your posts?

3. Knowing that a blog is NOT the sum total of the author's parts...tell me if you would agree or disagree (and WHY you agree or disagree) with the following statement:

Regardless of the material posted, aspects of the author's personality inevitably bleed through, unless every post they make is plagiarized.

And finally...
4. If you eat pasta together with anti-pasta...will you feel as though you haven't eaten?

BONUS QUESTION: Do you have any idea why this google search (food items you can insert in you're asshole) would lead someone here?!
For crap's sake. And they didn't even use the correct form of YOUR.
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