Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Great A & Q

Today's exercise is in tribute to Johnny Carson's Carnac The Magnificent...wherein I will give you my ANSWER...and then you, in comments, will pose the question.
Everyone got it? Good.

THE ANSWER IS: "Yes, and no matter how much glue you use, it's never quite the same."


Anyone else out there watch the TV show Nanny 911? It is on FOX, Monday nights...check it out. If for no other reason than to make fun of the bratty kids and awful parents, and to heave a huge sigh of relief that your own kids aren't like that. (But if they you know who to call).
I got my mother hooked on watching this show...and Monday night as she was watching, she apparently felt inspired:

**Please note that this is NOT what I really look like...and I don't even own a cape. And 'Shannie' is a much-loathed childhood nickname, especially when they used to connect it with pooh. As in "Shannie-pooh". My grandmother still calls me that. For crap's sake.
:D Thanks, mom, you utter nutter.
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