Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Flirty McFlirterson

Confession: Apparently I am a flirt of the first water.
I don't (always)(or even usually) intend to flirt...I don't even realize I'm doing it when I'm doing it.
In fact, I probably wouldn't have realized it at all if it hadn't been brought (sharply) to my attention by a female "friend".
Can I help it I get along with boys much better than girls?

And I don't see it as flirting when I'm in conversation with a man that I find interesting...just paying good attention.
Can I help it that I am easily amused, and my laugh (neither tinkly, delicate, nor soft) grabs the attention of those around me?

I'm of the sort that prefers to make eye contact with whomever I'm speaking they know I'm listening.
Can I help it that I appreciate a quick wit and a harmless touch on the hand?

Let's face it~~I'm never going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Or Victoria's Secret catalogues. Or FHM. Probably not even Ranger Rick.
So a girl's gotta use what the good Lord gave her. Right?
And since when is laughing in the appropriate places and genuine interest in your companion flirting?

My 'friend' says that I flirt with nearly every man I meet.

Maybe I do. But if's purely accidental.

So I'm curious...what is flirting to you?

Is it demurely downcast eyes, fluttering eyelashes, a subtle lean-in so he can smell your perfume?

Is it wide-eyed innocence, a blush, and a giggle?

Is it winks and sidelong glances, body contact, and full-throated laughter?

Is it sexual innuendo, dirty jokes, and hair-tosses?

Please tell me that there are more unintentional flirts out there than just me. 'Fess up.
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