Sunday, March 20, 2005

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but first, just to make you jealous...
The Weather Report
Coming to you live from Okieland, where it is a gorgeous sunny and 67º. And it's only 12:49pm

in my opinion...
Darrell Hammond as Chris Matthews = FUNNY

Last night I watched one of my favorite Charlton Heston movies...

No, not Soylent Green.

Not even Planet of the Apes.
"Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damn, dirty apes!"

It was The Ten Commandments.
"So let it be let it be done." (okay, I know that wasn't Charlton's line, but I like it. So let it be written...)
I do love that movie.
And I love the story behind the movie.

Plus the added bonus of a whoooole cast of hunky, half-naked, sweaty men.

P.S. Yul Brynner is the reason I find bald men totally hot.

and in the spirit of Chris Farley... 'member that time when Colin Farrell hosted Saturday Night Live? You 'member the end of the show, when Colin said, "I shit you not" on live TV?
That was cool.

and the wrap up...
In the words of Naven Johnson:

"The Lord loves a workin' man."
"Don't trust whitey."
"See a doctor and get rid of it."

Thank you and goodnight!

How do I know Spring has sprung?
Because I am currently eating a Blue Bunny Big Dipper ice cream cone...purchased from the Ice Cream Truck that just stopped at my house.
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