Monday, March 28, 2005

Monty's Believe It or Don't.

but first...
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, no matter how (or if) you chose to celebrate.
I did not touch my computer all day yesterday...that may have something to do with the Indonesian earthquake. I'm not sure.

From the "Are you shittin' me?!" files...

This is probably the only thing I will ever post regarding Terri Schiavo. I think that nearly everything that can be said (on either side of the debate) has already been said...and way better than I could say it.
There was just one little line at the end of an article in today's paper that caught my attention...

"Police have arrested 38 people in the past week, most for trying to bring [Terri] Schiavo water."

Well now.
It is good to know that our boys in blue are doing such a fabulous job, keeping those damn criminals away from the water fountains.

**Note to self: If you should come across someone who is dehydrated or not offer them a drink. Stay out of jail, girl.
For crap's sake.

and then...
From another article in today's paper, which I shall (mostly) paraphrase (although I DID cut out the good parts, so I could get 'em just right):

The Bixby police department is the first in Okieland to use a telephone service to warn residents when a sexual offender moves into their neighborhood.
A recorded message can be sent out to a thousand people at a says "We have an important message for you. We want you to be aware that there is a sexual predator living in your neighborhood."
It also gives the offender's name, address, age, race, height, weight, hair & eye color, and of course, gender.

I am so not opposed to this measure.
But of course our friends at the ACLU have to get involved, and their staff attorney (from ACLU OK) says that the real "solution is to dedicate adequate resources to treating offenders and educating the public."

Now here's the best part:
Convicted sex offender Agustus Christenson, 26, moved in with his family about 2 months ago. He served prison time for first-degree rape and indecent proposal to minor children, records show. Records also show he had sex with a 13-year-old girl five or six times and made the proposals to boys ages 6, 10, and 11.
Agustus had this to say about the new service for alerting the neighbors...
"If they feel they have a right to know, well, that's good. It also creates an uneasiness with me and to an extent it does anger me. I can see their side of it, needing to have a desire to protect their child.
My side of it, well, it's like, I don't have the bubonic plague."

No, pal, what you have is much, much worse.
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